The wedding is a cherished moment of everyone’s life, and it is only natural that everyone wants to look at their best. The majority of people give more importance to their dress, hairstyle but they either neglect or forget the importance of wedding shoes. Choosing the best wedding shoes that are not only comfortable to wear but are also comfortable to walk makes your wedding occasion a truly memorable and lifetime event. You need to look into different aspects while choosing shoes for your wedding. So, let’s go ahead and review some of the important factors that we need to consider while choosing the best wedding shoes.



wdfdsdOf all the factors that one needs to consider while selecting shoes for your wedding, the comfort element tops the priority list. One shouldn’t compromise on comfort for the sake of money.Wedding shoes, even though may be a little bit pricier, do come with extra padding that provides comfort and support for legs all through the day. Further, it is always advisable that you go for shoes customized and made for the wedding event instead of buying readymade unless there isn’t enough time at your disposal. All in all, whether you go for the custom-made or ready-made shoes, one is always advised to wear the shoes and try them out for comfort before the wedding day.


Your wedding day shoes should blend with the theme of the wedding. If it is a country garden wedding which often involves a lot of outdoor activities, then wedges or flats could be a great option. You also need to consider the color of the shoes. It is not always necessary that white or ivory color shoes need to be worn during a wedding event. Scarlett heels will go well with a traditional attire and make one look stunning. Satin and silk are the most popular wedding shoe choices. However, depending on your taste, style, likes and dislikes you can go by your choice.

An additional pair

While choosing wedding shoes, it is always recommended that you buy an additional pair of flats especially if there are activities such as dancing planned during the wedding. The extra pair comes handy if the new pair of wedding shoes breaks and can save you from unpleasant surprises.

Heels vs Stiletto heels vs flats

12wersdA wedding day is not the appropriate time to experiment with things. So, if you are comfortable and used to wearing flats then go by flats instead of trying Heels or Stiletto heels. However, if you are comfortable with heels, there is nothing wrong with wearing them for the special event.

Factor in weather

If the wedding is planned in winter or if it is expected to rain during your wedding day, you can consider wearing Weddington Boots. Made of Ivory as they not only enhance your beauty on a precious day but will create a style statement of you.